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We all have a social responsibility...

The Social Responsibility Team is made up of JEID strategists, facilitators, transformative leaders, consultants, educators, and coaches!

…to care for one another, work towards a more just society, and endeavor to educate others to do the same. This core belief is why we commit to supporting you in weaving justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity (JEID) into everything you do regardless of the field or type of organization in which you work. Helping people understand that our intent does not always match our impact is an essential aspect of relationship-building, communication, leadership, and teambuilding.

We all have a social responsibility to build
a world where all of our needs are met.

Industries we've worked with


Religious Groups | PK-12 | Institutions of Higher Education | Sorority and Fraternity

Tech | Manufacturing | Association Management | Agri-Science

Loyalty Commerce | Anti-Poverty| Environmental | Bankruptcy| Women-Centered

Risk Management | Marketing and PR | Private Membership | Outdoor Sports and Recreation

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