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Photo of SRS Leads and co-founders, Christina, Amanda, and Suzette

Our Mission

Social Responsibility Speaks’™ mission is

to create a culture of belonging and

mattering through a focus on

justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity.

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Our Content Areas

Identity Exploration | Power & Privilege | Implicit Bias | Team Building

The Impacts of Our Language | Disrupting & Interrupting Strategies | Engaging in Difficult Conversations

Identity Conscious Leadership | Conflict Resolution | Hate/Bias Prevention & Response

Accountability | Femme Empowerment | Healthy Relationships | Sexual Violence Prevention | Hazing Prevention

Allyship vs. Accomplice vs. Co-conspirator | And More!

Our logo

SRS closed fist logo

The closed fist symbol within our logo represents solidarity with those disempowered, oppressed, and disadvantaged by systems and structures that were designed for, by, and with dominant identities in mind. The closed, raised fist is a global symbol of solidarity that can be found within many civil rights-related movements and revolutionary causes as its long-documented history dates back to the early 1900’s. Although the fist has sometimes been co-opted and appropriated by white nationalists, we affirm and uplift its original roots as a symbol born from oppressed groups that are bound together through common struggle and unified by this symbol of strength, hope and “we shall overcome.” 

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