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The Social Responsibility Speaks™ team believes everyone has a social responsibility to model cultural humility and hold themselves and others accountable to this work. To support individuals and organizations in this commitment, SRS provides services for preventing harm, confronting bias, and seeking justice.

Our services cover three areas: 1) justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity education, 2) justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity strategy, and 3) accountability. Our team of humans is intent on fostering a supportive environment for participants to lean into the uncomfortable space to grow and learn on their journey.

You can expect that the Social Responsibility Speaks team is dedicated and accountable to justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity, and we are excited about the opportunity to partner with you in this work!

6. follow up & evaluation

We believe that giving clients an opportunity to provide feedback/evaluation is crucial to the work we do and helps us improve our services overall! We will send an evaluation form to be completed by those we have engaged with so we have a better understanding of what participants gained from their partnership with SRS.

5. Project occurs!

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you've connected with srs... now what?

1. intake meeting

We will reach out to schedule a virtual intake call where we will discuss what services will best suit your needs.

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2. proposal

We will then draft a scope of work proposal based on what was discussed during the virtual intake call. A proposal will include information about our team, agreed upon services, and financial investment.

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3. Contract

Once details and services are agreed upon, we will send over a contract to be signed. Additional paperwork and an invoice will be provided when needed.

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4. Discovery

After contract signing, we will connect you directly with the selected team member(s) to finalize details and content for the project.

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