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Tara Fuller, M.A.

Tara Fuller is an educator, speaker, and consultant focusing on equity, inclusion, and belonging, organizational development, and personal reflection and growth. After a 12-year career as a university administrator, she decided to take her talent and pursue a wider portfolio of work in the areas of organizational restoration, human-centered dialogue, and equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Tara is a strategic thinker who believes perspective-taking, curiosity, and language adjustments are fundamental to creating organizational and community change. She has been an advocate for inclusion for more than 20

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years. Tara’s work in organizational development has been primarily focused on assessing and implementing equitable practices along with providing educational interventions that offer foundational knowledge to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Tara proudly identifies as a queer woman and is passionate about disrupting heteronormativity and cisnormativity as well as challenging LGBTQ+ focused spaces to de-center whiteness. Tara holds a master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Rider University in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, and a bachelor’s degree in Multicultural Leadership from University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. 

Areas of Focus: Organizational Trauma, Change, & Development; Critical Race Consciousness; Shared Equity Leadership; Inclusive Language; Restorative Practices; LGBTQ+ Inclusion; Queer Identities; Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion; Ability and Access; Challenging Conversations; Power-based violence prevention

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